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  1. "This was worth every penny. I was very sick after a night of drinking and couldn't keep anything down. I decided to splurge on this. An actual nurse showed up right at the scheduled time. Hedi was very professional and easy to talk to. She made the whole experience great."- Kevin D.
  2. "Such an easy and user friendly process! Called in today to book an IV to cure my hangover and it was so easy! Their app is very helpful and quick. My nurse was here within a couple hours and very professional and personable, overall great experience! Would highly recommend CureDash to others."- Ashtyn S.
  3. "Cure Dash LITERALLY came so fast to my rescue!!! I was absolutely perishing after a night out and RN Steve came to right to my door with a magical IV hangover cure. Worth every penny."- Abby W.
  4. "Best IV service in town! Very user friendly app. Great nurses. Great treatment options. And the customer service staff is wonderful to work with. Felt awesome after my IV! I will definitely be a repeat customer."- Kevin O.
  5. "I had a great experience with CureDash! I was very dehydrated after a surf trip and was looking for a quick, rejuvenating solution. A friend told me about CureDash and after downloading the app, I was able to order a nurse to come to my location within an hour. I felt MUCH better shortly after receiving the IV!"- Valerie J.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Hangover Icon

Hangover Basic

1000 mL
Your body is punishing you for the intense beating you gave it last night. Come back in full force with our standard hangover Cure.

$219 Learn More...
Hangover Deluxe Icon

Hangover Deluxe

2000 mL
For those especially head banging, cross-eyed nauseas mornings that make you question why you decided to go out at all. Help your body recover with our most popular Cure.

$269 Learn More...
Fitness Recovery Icon

Fitness Recovery

1000 mL
This solution is geared toward athletes of all shapes and sizes who want to feel at full capacity before a workout or replenish essential vitamins and nutrients as quickly as possible after a workout.

$229 Learn More...
Food Poisoning Icon

Food Poisoning

2000 mL
Give your stomach the much needed relief from the torment it is under. Contains double the fluids to help your body flush out the mistake of a meal you've put in it.

$269 Learn More...
Flu Relief Icon

Flu Relief

2000 mL
It finds us about once a year and is never fun. Eradicate your illness with double the fluids, a boost of energy, and a jumpstart to your immune system with this powerful solution.

$269 Learn More...
Migraine Relief Icon

Migraine Relief

1000 mL
Your head is beating like a drum and there is only so much more you can take. Rid the pain you are feeling with a solution that is proven to give you the relief you're needing.

$249 Learn More...
Energy Boost Icon

Energy Boost

1000 mL
Feeling lazy or have a long day ahead of you? There are only limited hours in a day and you can't afford to feel sluggish. Snap out of it quickly with this special solution.

$199 Learn More...
Immunity Boost Icon

+ Immune Boost

1000 mL
Give your body the ultimate cleanse and rejuvenation. This solution is popular with frequent flyers and those who are feeling as though they might be coming down with an undesirable sickness.

$249 Learn More...
Custom Solution Icon

Custom Solution

Are you looking for a custom solution that better fits your needs?
Contact us for details at [email protected] or call (619) 431-0179

$200 - $400 See full list of ingredients

20% OFF for Groups of 2 or more!

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our IV solutions please address them during your brief phone assessment with one of our clinic doctors.

4 Simple Steps

  • Step 1 Open the CureDash App

    Login/Sign Up using Gmail, Facebook or create a CureDash account. Once logged in, you will see available providers close to your current location.

  • Step 2 Request a "Cure"

    Select your location, number of people, and cure type. A Doctor or Nurse Practitioner will assess your symptoms on a 2-3 minute video-call before a "Hero" is dispatched to your location.

  • Step 3 Track your "Hero"

    You can see the location of your Hero as they are in route. Once your Hero has arrived, it will take 30-60 minutes to administer your IV.

  • Step 4 Results and Payment

    After your treatment has concluded, your payment will be processed and you will be asked to rate your "Hero."